Corten - Weathering steel

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NORDMET offers the widest range of rust-resistant steel plates in Northern Europe!
Corten steel is a material where iron is alloyed not only with carbon but also with other metals, such as copper, nickel, or chromium. Nordmet has the largest range of corten steel in Northern Europe, offering not only sheets but also other forms, such as skruv/bult och rör. Hos oss hittar du plåtar i tjocklek från 0,60mm och upp till 50 mm och  vi har alltid bra pris på Cortenplåt.
Rust-resistant Corten steel plate for an attractive facade
Common products made of Corten steel or rust-resistant steel include containers and chimney pipes. However, in recent years, there has been a trend of manufacturing edging steel, facades, planters, and other design projects in Corten due to its weather resistance and low maintenance requirements. Additionally, many find it aesthetically pleasing. To ensure that a facade made of Corten steel, for example, looks perfect, we offer... skruvar och bultar med huvuden i Corten som smälter in bra i plåten.
Standard for Corten steel
The rust-resistant structural steels are grouped under a standard called EN 10025-5, where the most common steel grades available in stock are S355J0WP, S355J2W, S355J2WP. The steel grades that have a "P" in the designation have a higher phosphorus content, and "W" Stands for "Weathering", thus weather-resistant steel. Corten can be welded and processed like ordinary steel, but when welding Corten, it's always a good idea to use a filler material that has the same properties as Corten.
"We build whatever you want in Corten steel."
Corten is available in various forms such as sheet metal, coil, plate, tubes, and square tubes. At Nordmet, we have extensive experience in customizing products and developing and building special solutions for our customers, so there are almost no limits. For example, if you want a specific contour on a Corten edging, it's no problem at all; we can accommodate your needs. klipper, bockar och formar like any coil. Also, for example, planters in Corten are both durable and stylish, and we can design and build one for you, whether you prefer a round or square shape.
Ask us about Corten steel!
If you don't find exactly what you're looking for, or if you have any questions about what can be done with Corten steel, feel free to contact us so we can tell you more about the possibilities with rust-resistant steel.