Corten steel tube

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NORDMET offers the widest range of rust-resistant steel plates in Northern Europe!
Corten is a weather-resistant steel that withstands outdoor environments thanks to its various alloys of copper, nickel, chromium, and phosphorus. The material has become increasingly popular because it is virtually maintenance-free and withstands the elements, but many are also drawn to its characteristic color.

The Corten tubes that we offer at Nordmet are of high quality and are construction-grade in S355 material with Weathering finish.

Corten tubes at a great price
We offer a wide variety of dimensions and, of course, also have the ability to cut the tubes to finished lengths, so with our tubes, you can easily continue building and create completely custom structures for long-lasting durability, even in demanding outdoor environments. Corten tubes work just as well in fences and gates as they do in a chimney or almost any metal structure. And we always have great prices on tubes and other Corten products.

Construction of pipes in Corten When welding Corten, it's crucial to use the same filler material as the Corten itself, otherwise, you risk having seams that are more sensitive than the pipes. And if you need more parts for your construction, we also have a wide range of Corten sheet metal in stock, as well as screws and bolts with Corten heads that blend perfectly into your build.

We help you find the right fit We offer Corten tubes ranging from Ø28 x 2 mm pipes up to square tubes at 120 x 120 x 5 mm - directly from stock. If you have other sizes in mind, don't hesitate to contact us, as we can source most sizes!